Silver Sky Soft is pleased to offer the Poynt Smart Terminal.

We are a software development company and work with any ISO, agent or processor. You keep your merchants and easily earn new merchants.

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We Are Dedicated To Our Clients.

We are a talented software development company focused on integrated software and. Our current core focus is engineering apps and statistical tools. Our clients are from the financial sector seeking software solutions to various complex issues

Our software services involve custom development specialized in big data analysis in finance sector. We use various technologies from C++ to R. Our newest foray is using machine learning to solve certain class of data analysis problems.

We offer unique solutions in combination with hardware handpicked for the purpose.  As such we are reseller partners of Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Dell and Broadcom.  Our latest partnership is with Poynt Co. which is new startup disrupting the payment acceptance hardware space.

A feature project is SkipCube – a news impact analysis site aimed at presenting decision makers with statistical information on market behaviour at news release times. The leverage ratios in the forex market are usually much higher than the stock market. This higher leverage exposes a currency pair to fundamental economic events like US Fed interest rate, Non-Farm Payrolls. Learning about which events affect the price and the market direction can be a very rewarding and enlightening experience. Recently, we added an article section featuring various articles on forex and stocks.
Skipcube provides a simple interface and offers the relation between surprise news, price action and its lasting effect in one place. While the user interface is simple, we have a highly automated back end system to that co-ordinates multi server data access and normalization.

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